Ring Width Guide

What ring width is right for you?

  • All of our ring widths are measured in millimeters.
  • Our sizes range from a slim 2mm to a bold 20mm.
  • Customer's often call us to ask, "which ring width is right for me?". The most common widths that we sell are 6mm or 8mm rings, but the decision is definitely an issue of personal style. Do you want a sleek, light look? Maybe a 2mm or 4mm ring is right for you. Do you want a wedding band that really stands out? 12mm might be perfect for your style.


ring widths on a hand

Below are simple conversions of our ring widths in millimeters to inches.

2mm = 1/16 inch
4mm = 1/8 inch
5mm=3/16 inch
6mm =Just under 1/4 inch
7mm = Just over 1/4 inch
8mm = 5/16 inch
10mm = Just over 3/8 inch
12mm = Just under 1/2 inch
20mm = Just under 13/16 inch

Want another way to visualize a 6mm vs. an 8mm ring?

6mm ring, 8mm ring, 10mm ring

An easy rule of thumb is that a nickel is not quite 2mm wide. If you happen to have a nickel laying around, pick it up - and you have roughly a 2mm visual. Stack 3 together and you can see approximately what a 6mm ring would look like on your hand.

What will different ring widths look like on an averaged size male or female hand?

ring widths on a hand

ring width sizes on female hand