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At, we offer the best quality rings at the best price available. All of our rings have been skillfully crafted in the US, are of very high quality, and are exceptionally durable. We offer a wide selection of rings for men and women.

Recently, tungsten carbide has become the standard for wedding bands and promise rings. But what exactly is causing this huge shift from other more traditional metals to tungsten carbide?

First, they are beautiful. Not only they look as good as other precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) but in many cases their elegance and simple beauty makes them actually look better. What adds to the beauty of our wedding band collection though - is their unique design. Faceted, grooved, stone setting, black, white... all the designs we carry are exceptionally striking and visually appealing. Some of our rings have been permanently polished for an incredible mirror-like look. Others have brushed, satin finishes and emanate subtlety and elegance.

Tungsten carbide is the toughest jewelry-grade alloy in the world, whereas black ceramic is just as strong. Our black ceramic and white tungsten carbide rings are incredibly scratch-resistant - the level of toughness and resilience of these alloys simply cannot be found in silver, gold, or even platinum bands.

What might just be the best part of tungsten carbide rings though - is that their prices are incredibly reasonable. Browse through our collection and you'll immediately see how affordable even the most gorgeous looking ring is. Click here to see rings made in the United States.

We have so much confidence in our rings that right now we offer a totally free lifetime warranty with every purchase. This includes lifetime resizing, in case your finger size ever changes!