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Comfort Fit Ring Sizing Guide

Comfort Fit Ring Sizing

All of our rings are built with Comfort Fit sizing. In Comfort Fit, the interior side/surface of the ring is not flat, but is actually rounded. This gives it a slight, rounded curve. This minimizes the area of contact between your finger and the ring's surface, while still keeping the ring securely around your finger.

Comfort Fit Sizing

If you know your normal ring size, we'd recommend that when getting a tungsten carbide ring from our store, you order half a size smaller. Most jewelers use Standard Fit sizers so keep that in mind if you have been sized by a jeweler. If you're normally a size 8.0, a 7.5 would be the best for you here. Similarly, if you're a 10.5, go ahead and order a 10.

NOTE: If you are ordering a ring in an 8mm or larger width, you may not need this adjustment down in size due to the larger surface area of a bigger ring. In fact, very large widths (12mm-20mm) may require a increase above your normal ring size.

Ring Sizing Chart

There are guides/paper printouts on the Internet that help you understand your ring size correctly. 

The best way to get your accurate ring sizing is to go to your nearest jeweler and have your ring size measured. They will give you a couple of rings in different sizes, and you can determine for yourself which one fits you the best.

Most of our rings come in size 3-16. If you need a custom size, just let us know! 

As we said above, the printable ring charts online aren't as accurate as getting your ring size measured by a local jeweler, but if for any reason that's not an option, below is the next best thing.

  • Be sure to put your printer settings at 100% before printing out the size chart.
  • Viewing it on your computer screen or printing it out in less than a 100% setting will not give you an accurate size measurement.
  • Please keep in mind that the "order half a size smaller" works for this also! This ring chart will determine your Standard Fit ring size. Your Comfort Fit ring size is half a size smaller up to a 6mm width! See NOTE above for 8mm + widths.

Click Here for the Ring Sizing Tool

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