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NITTE Step Edged Milled Zirconium Band with Satin Finish & Argentium Silver Inlays | 8mm

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(Please see our sizing guide and width guide to select the best ring size for your finger.)

Milled into segments that create a step edged band, NITTE is a solid black zirconium ring set off with Argentium silver inlays like rivets at each corner. In contrast to its industrial look, this comfort fit band is easy to wear.

Included with the purchase of any of our rings, your ring comes with a‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__FREE LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY that covers it against all kinds of breaking or deformation (even accidental ones!) and FREE SIZE EXCHANGES FOR LIFE!

NOTE: While many people wear a 1/2 size smaller in comfort fit styled rings, you may not need that adjustment in larger width rings (8mm widths and larger). Please see our Comfort Fit Sizing Guide for more information.

FINISH:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__ Satin
WALL THICKNESS:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__2.1mm-2.6mm
BAND:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__Comfort Fit

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