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JOAN Pipe Cut Brushed Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring with Rose Gold Channel 4mm & 6mm

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(Please see our sizing guide and width guide to select the best ring size for your finger.)

Featured in our Women's Tungsten Wedding Bands collection, this 4mm ring is made from tungsten carbide, and has been finished with a brushed, matte finish. In the center, there's an exquisitely crafted rose gold channel. Cut in the traditional flat style, JOAN's strength emanates from tungsten carbide, the hardest and most scratch proof material for jewelry. A great choice for a woman who wants to symbolize her love and strength around her finger.

Please note that all rose gold tungsten rings are created by coating a white tungsten carbide band with a rose gold alloy plating which can wear off over time. If needed in the future, the coating can reapplied for only $20.

Included with the purchase of any of our rings, your ring comes with a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY that covers it against all kinds of breaking or deformation (even accidental ones!) and FREE SIZE EXCHANGES FOR LIFE!

NOTE: While many people wear a 1/2 size smaller in comfort fit styled rings, you may not need that adjustment in larger width rings (8mm widths and larger). Please see our Comfort Fit Sizing Guide for more information.

FINISH: Brushed
THICKNESS: 1.5 mm - 1.9 mm
WEIGHT: 3 - 7 grams

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