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FAIRFAX Tungsten Carbide Ring with Emerald Green Carbon Fiber Inlay | 8mm

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(Please see our sizing guide and width guide to select the best ring size for your finger.)

A bold choice from our Carbon Fiber Inlay Rings collection, the brilliant emerald green inlay in the center of this ring is rare, high-tech carbon fiber. The FAIRFAX is a flat cut with beveled edges for increased comfort. In addition, the ring has a high grade, polished finish that's permanent. The tungsten carbide used in this ring is extremely tough and scratch resistant, making this a perfect wedding band or a promise ring.

All inlays are sealed with a protective resin coating which is not as scratch resistant as the band itself.

Included with the purchase of any of our rings, your ring comes with a‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__FREE LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__that covers it against all kinds of breaking or deformation (even accidental ones!) and‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__FREE SIZE EXCHANGES FOR LIFE!

NOTE:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__While many people wear a 1/2 size smaller in comfort fit styled rings, you may not need that adjustment in larger width rings (8mm widths and larger). Please see our‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__Comfort Fit Sizing Guide‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__for more information.‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__

  • FINISH: Polished
  • THICKNESS:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__2.0 mm - 2.3 mm
  • WEIGHT:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__5 - 12 grams
  • BAND:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__Comfort Fit
  • METAL | MATERIAL:‰ۡó»_ÌÎ_í¢‰ۡó»__Standard Tungsten Carbide + Carbon Fiber


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