ASTORIA | Men's Black Wedding Band | Thick | 12mm

Black and bold, ASTORIA's brushed finish makes this 12mm extra thick tungsten carbide band really stand out. Crisp pipe-cut profile adds an extra element to the look, making ASTORIA a ring you'll be proud to wear. 

Production & Shipping Times: Usually ships in 1 - 3 Business Days. Then simply add the time you select for shipping (varies from overnight to 1 week).

Finish: Brushed
Cut | Edge | Shape: Flat 
Wall Thickness: 2.0mm - 2.2mm
Weight: 8 -17 grams
Band: Comfort Fit
Metal | Material: Black Tungsten Carbide

Maintenance: Black tungsten rings are created by plating a standard tungsten carbide band with a black titanium alloy coating which can wear off over time. If needed in the future, the coating can be reapplied for only $20. If you have an active lifestyle you might want to consider Black Ceramic Rings or Zirconium Rings which will not need re-plating.

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