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Zirconium Wedding Rings

Zirconium is one of the newest metals to be included in jewelry making. If the fear of scratching a black tungsten ring worries you, zirconium may be just the right fit! It is a natural element which begins as a silver color which is then heat treated. The extremely high heat creates oxidation which turns the zirconium ring black. That oxidization layer is as hard as a sapphire and creates a virtually permanent black finish. Zirconium is also the best option on the market if you are looking for a largely black ring but with a creative flair to it. Diamond cutting tools can be used to cut back into the zirconium wedding band to create two-toned designs which reveal the original silver color. In emergencies, zirconium can be cut with a diamond ring cutter. Aside from the jewelry industry, zirconium also has military purposes.
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